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Finnish education supports students to grow towards active and
ethically responsible citizenship.

Education provides students with holistic interdisciplinary knowledge
and transversal skills needed in life.
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Services to your school

We provide school-level organisational transformations to more student-centered and phenomenon-based pedagogy. We assist in leadership skills, as well as in
curriculum design.  

Teacher PD training

As a teacher, upgrade your skills to fit the requirements of today and future. We provide online and F2F trainings on 21st century skills, phenomenon-based learning and sustainability (SDG, Agenda 2030).

Study visits

We create tailor made study visits in Finland. You may come and visit early childhood education centers, primary schools, secondary and high schools, vocational school as well as higher education institutions. These are all tailor made visits and can include more information on Finnish education. 


Ilona Taimela, CEO of Helsinki Education Consulting Group, is an experienced education specialist with focus on leadership, sustainability and student voice in education. We have worked with Ilona to create multistakeholder events and campaigns to activate educational organisations, teachers and students across the field. If you are looking for a well networked specialist with a "can-do" attitude, contact Ilona!


Lasse Leponiemi, CEO

Hundred organisation




New online courses coming soon!

  • Education in Finland. Course will provide you more details into what actually is the education system in Finland: Early Childhood Education, Comprehensive Education, Upper Secondary education and Vocational Education as well as Higher Education.  
  • Early Childhood Education PD course (Basics/ Intermediate/ Expert courses). On upskilling your professional skills on creating a more child-centered and playful learning environment. Also more in depth understanding on how to create and lead such a Daycare center in your area. 
  • Phenomenon-based learning (basics/ advanced).  Learn basics about Phenomenon-based learning. What it is and how to start to implement Phenomenon-based education as well as how to lead such a change in your education institution. 
  • Transversal competences. Learn about the futures skills like critical thinking, cultural competences, social emotional competences, media literacy, building a  sustainable future, and becoming an active citizen.
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''Amazing ideas for you to experiment in the classroom. Phenomenon-based learning with Ilona Taimela.''

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